July 4th Report! As we celebrate our Freedom, remember the Declaration that put the 1st Am Rev in motion! President Trump is reestablishing the Republic and We, the People are charged to do out part! Get involved, right now, in the 20/20 fight– local, State and Federal government needs YOU!

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Please get educated on Common Law and how YOU can participate in the 2nd Am Rev by learning the Constitution, Common Law, acting locally and what it means to have government by consent, as intended by the Founders:

Read the Declaration of Independence for Yourself!

Moms for America

Please watch President Trump’s important interview on Tucker Carlson yesterday:

Alabama car dealer offers Bible, shotgun and flag to customers for July 4th celebrations

Please watch Katie G’s excellent break down of POTUS’ well-laid plan to use Antifa’s T-ism tactics to take down Sor_s, etc., funded Insurrection in the USA:

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