TRUMP: No Iran Strike-“Human Cost Too Great”, SCO, China, NK #BLUEORIGIN

6/22: As the MSM maligns the Trump Administration as “divided” within, we see POTUS refuse to strike Iran. The President hinted that there was a rogue bad actor involved- the Deep State. Meanwhile, the China “trade deal” could prove to be the deciding factor in how the Iran “war” saga plays out as China badly needs Iran for it BRI (New Silk Roads) operation in Eurasia. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting in Kyrgyzstan a week ago, when the oil tankers were “attacked” in the Gulf of Oman may have been a turning point in heading off Deep State plans for igniting WW3.

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Former NFL player, Burgess Owens, takes on the Dems and Reparations at the hearings 3 days ago:

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