‘Gonna Need a Bigger Boat’: Man Catches Goliath Grouper in a Kayak

Cue the “we’re gonna need a bigger boat” jokes.

A fisherman in a kayak near Cape Coral, Florida, made the catch of a lifetime: a Goliath grouper.

The grouper, which are known to eat small sharks, weighed in excess of 500 pounds, and it snapped the man’s fishing rod.

According to ABC7, the fisherman was identified as Cape Coral man Jon Black. He is heard screaming with delight while he attempts to catch the Atlantic Goliath grouper in Sanibel in May.

The fish is believed to have weighed about 552 pounds, reported the Adventure Sport Network. It was 83 inches long and was 73 inches wide.

“After the fishing rod broke, Black still managed to get the Goliath grouper to the boat and eventually led it to shore where it was measured and then released, as is required by law since they are protected,” the Sport Network wrote.

Black told Chew On This that “I thought it was going to kill me.”

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Author: Jack Phillips