Blowback Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

The Express is quoting a “former ranking US Air Force strategist who now lives on the strategically vital Straits of Hormuz” as saying if the US attacks Iran in response to the latest incident—undoubtedly a false flag—there will be hell to pay.

“That will lead to an emboldened Iran, more committed to backing their Shiite government than ever. Not the best outcome—which is why the US military is VERY hesitant to start a war —it would likely be a very unconstrained affair, with no end date.”

And he warned any conflict would spill over onto the streets of mainland USA with multiple terror attacks. He added: “Iran will undoubtedly use terrorism to strike the US if push came to shove.

“It’s easy to be brave NOW, but the US isn’t under attack. If a real war happened, we would have MULTIPLE Shiite attacks on targets like Times Square, Mall of the Americas, Disneyland…. You get the idea. So does Iran. So does Hezbollah.

It would be just what the neocons ordered—a fearful and enraged public ready to fully and enthusiastically support an unwinnable war with Iran. 

Lost in all of this is the real final objective—bombing Iran back to the Stone Age. The neocons aren’t necessarily interested in fighting a protracted land war, they are interested in destroying Iran the same way they destroyed Iraq.

Iran will not sit by like Saddam Hussein. The mullahs will not hide in “spider holes” like a bearded and disheveled Saddam or crawl in a drainage pipe like Gaddafi. They will strike back and Americans will die. Imagine a terror attack at Disney World and a burning Magic Kingdom littered with the dead and maimed. Or a suicide bomb at a crowded Mall of America during Christmas. Maybe a car bomb exploding when the ball drops at Times Square. 

Meanwhile, the AUMF covering all bases is in the process of being dusted off and paraded around to get things moving. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo