Pennsylvania Elementary Accused of Withholding Evidence of Student’s Fall on School Bus

A worried family member has accused a Pennsylvania elementary school of trying to cover up a school bus accident involving a student with Down syndrome on June 5.

Tobyhanna local Angel Rivera claims his brother Michael Perrin, 7, fell on the school bus ride to Resica Elementary School in East Stroudsburg, 81 miles northwest of New York City.

Rivera said the school has refused to release surveillance video footage of the incident to Perrin’s mother.

“She asked to see the video and they refuse to show her the video,” he said on Facebook.

Rivera maintains Perrin suffered severe injuries including two fractures along his face. His eye is reportedly swollen shut and leaking pus.

“My little brother attends Resica Elementary and has Down syndrome, he was injured at school,” Rivera wrote. “My mom is asking the school, the bus driver, and school aid what happened and they said he just fell they don’t know exactly what happened.”

Rivera is concerned that not knowing exactly what happened could delay diagnosing Perrin’s injuries.

“We still do not know the severity of his eye injuries,” Rivera said. “I need everybody I know to share this for me please cause the school is trying to cover it up.”

To make matters worse, Perrin is non verbal and cannot explain what happened.

“He does not speak, he cannot tell us anything,” Rivera said.

The mother is blaming school staff for not doing more to help prevent the dangerous fall.

Perrin’s sister posted an emotional video of the mother crying in the car and leaning on her shoulder.

“Can’t stay like this, can’t live with my baby like this,” the mother said in the Instagram video. “Help me … this whole [expletive] is a freaking nightmare.”

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*** I don’t own the copyrights to this music **** #justiceformichael She is the world to me and more the only mother I will ever have I will cherish her and fight beside her always and forever she is the best mother I could’ve asked for with the most amazing heart …We appreciate all the love and support and We love you guys for investing your time in #justiceformichael for trusting the cause earlier today we met with lawyer in the New York City to be redirected unfortunately because of state limits after this and seeing what she saw on tape earlier there’s only but so strong we can be my mother is broken nothing will take away this unfortunate situation we have to deal with so we just pray and we wait and hope #changecomes Specially when it comes to dealing , handling and safety of all special needs children no child should ever come home like this EVER! Many of our special angels don’t have a voice and go years sometimes forever without being able to formulate words…. #imaginethat we must be their voice …….thankfully with all the support and sharing from everyone Family&Friends specially those with mayjor celebrity platforms my sister @mjrodriguez7 she came threw @iamcardib @star_brim5 @dreamdoll @wond3rwoman1 we are forever grateful and faithful in Gods work and don’t stop praying for my brother there is still a lot yet to be determined physically mentally emotionally 🙏🏼 THERE ARE NO GOFUNDME PAGES WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR MONEY ALL WE ASK IS #justiceformichael ……pray for my mothers strength pray for change ! #cnn #pix11 #savedownsyndrome #protectourkids #specialneeds #ellendegeneres #cardib #downsyndrome #specialneeds #justiceformichael #ellendegeneres #Kim kardashian spread the word #justiceformichael

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Perrin’s sister confirmed the family have met with a lawyer in New York City.

“Unfortunately because of state limits after this and seeing what she saw on tape earlier there’s only so strong we can be,” she wrote on Instagram. “My mother is broken, nothing will take away this unfortunate situation we have to deal with.”

She said she is praying, waiting, and hoping for a miracle to come bring justice for Perrin.

“When it comes to dealing, handling, and safety of all special needs children, no child should ever come home like this,” she said. “The lord has blessed us with people literally messaging loads of information and referrals.”

She also warned supporters that no GoFundMe fundraising web pages have been set up and the family is only asking for justice for Perrin.

“We are not asking for money at all,” she said. “All we ask is justice for Michael … pray for my mother’s strength, pray for change.”

Since school administrators have not yet released the surveillance footage the family has subpoenaed the institution for the evidence.

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Author: Richard Szabo