Shadow: Nicki Clyne – the Smartest Woman in Nxivm?

By Shadow State

This is in response to comment by John, who wrote, “I noticed in The NY Post’s coverage they mentioned that Nicki Clyne urged Lauren Salzman to go through with the [group] sex ceremony. It’s interesting to see Clyne’s name mentioned again, especially in this context. Now, it’s probably just me, but does anyone find Nicki Clyne’s heart-shaped face and her unnaturally perfect half-moon “Life is Good” smile just a bit creepy? She looks more like a cartoon image of a human than the real thing.”

Nicki Clyne, former actress. DOS slave.

Here is my frightening thought to disturb your late night dreams:

I believe that Nicki Clyne is probably the smartest woman in NXIVM.  She is a devious Machiavellian woman.  Sometimes smart people act the fool to disarm their competition.

Nicki Clyne knows how to act goofy when she is really three chess moves ahead of the competition.

Nicki Clyne and Clare Bronfman 


First Line DOS slaves and legally married women – Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne. Did Nicki turn informant and sell out her spouse Allison to the FBI while they were in Mexico?

I believe Nicki set things up for both Allison Mack, a human with a dunce cap for a brain, and Lauren Salzman, another spineless, brainless NXIVM drone, to be video recorded as Raniere was arrested.

Of course, both women are sado-masochists too wrapped up in their fetish to think what’s happening around them.

The shot was framed so that Allison Mack would be in the picture and Lauren Salzman’s name was deliberately mentioned by Nicki in the narration.

Now Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman are inextricably linked to the NXIVM sex cult and Raniere.

Both women are convicted felons.

Meanwhile there is a report that Nicki is tooling around Half Moon in a white BMW with a posse of girl friends. Viva Executive Success!

Sex Cult Still Going? Allison Mack’s Wife & Other Members Spotted Near NXIVM Base
Nicki Clyne resurfaced in upstate New York this week, eyewitnesses claim.

Allison and Lauren are LOSERS and Nicki is a survivor.

And when the full story is revealed, I think we will find that Nicki was working with both the FBI and the Salinas family to bring down Raniere, Mack and Salzman.

When NXIVM is rebuilt by the Mexican elite, Nicki Clyne will be on hand to receive a major post in the new organization.

Shadow: Is Nicki Clyne very dumb or very devious?

Aren’t all the NXIVM women supposed to be empowered women? Independent, modern women.

Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack give each other a fine hug. Both are convicted felons now. 

The young woman behind the cash register of McDonald’s has more steel in her spine than Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman put together.  And to top it off the McDonald’s cashier has more brains in her head that Mack and Salzman.

But there is one woman in NXIVM who is empowered: Nicki Clyne.

‘While the vapid Allison Mack and bland Lauren Salzman were dreaming up new ways to degrade women, Nicki Clyne was likely working with the FBI and the Salinas family to bring their sado-masochistic House of Cards down.

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The schmucks, Allison and Lauren were set up by Nicki to be on hand when Raniere was arrested [see film above which Frank Report released to the world].

Nicki had her camera rolling to record the festivities.

Viva Executive Success, Nicki!

Yes, Nicki will be in on the rebuilding of NXIVM under Salinas management.

While Allison and Lauren will be asking passers by, “New in town, Sailor?”

Nicki was at work supporting the group sex ceremony for Keith Alan Raniere.

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