Driver Fined Over ‘Dangerous’ Number of Fast-Food Wrappers, Trash in Car

A driver in England was fined after police stopped him with a “dangerous” number of fast-food wrappers and trash inside his vehicle.

The Thames Valley Roads Policing Unit sent a tweet with a photo, saying the man was stopped in Marlow on May 13.

“This was so bad it was dangerous, rubbish under [floor] pedals,” the account wrote, adding that “a tidy cab=A tidy mind.” The man received points on his license and was fined.

The driver, who was not named, was arrested on a separate matter.

A photo showed that it was mostly fast-food wrappers and cups on the floor of the vehicle.

Some Twitter users were horrified by the mess.

McDonald’s wrappers and cups, Styrofoam containers, pieces of paper, documents, and various other pieces of garbage can be seen pouring out of the driver’s side cab, on the dash, and behind the pedals. (Thames Valley Police Department)

“That is truly disgusting, let alone dangerous,” one person commented. “I wouldn’t want to get in it in fear of contracting something.”

Added another: “That’s disgusting, I have a moan at my hubby if there’s a few pieces of rubbish in the car.”

Another noted that at least the driver wasn’t littering.

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Author: Jack Phillips