Baby Girl Born Without Arms Leaves the Internet in Awe With Her Amazing Life Skills

The story of Vasilina Knutzen is nothing short of remarkable and inspirational. A young Russian toddler, Vasilina has to learn to eat and navigate the world with no hands.

Born without arms as the result of a rare developmental disability, Vasilina has an abundance of courage and determination to tackle life’s challenges. Adopted from an orphanage, where she was left early after birth due to her disability, she has grown up loved by the Knutzen family in Russia. From learning to eat, play, and do new things with the support of loving parents and siblings, her lack of arms has not stopped her—but has increased her reliance on the use of her feet.

It’s not hard for one to realize just how remarkable and amazing her story is. Teaching children to eat, play, and interact with other children can be hard enough, but only more so without the use of arms or hands. But in Vasilina’s case, she a disability has not kept her back as she continues to overcome and persevere.

Remarkably, Vasilina can feed herself just fine and navigate life, and do the most amazing things, just using her feet. Since the video was shared on Facebook by her mother Elmira Knutzen, it has collected hundreds of millions of views and wowed viewers from across the world as a testament to the power to overcome.

Since her daughter’s story first went viral on the internet, Elmire has continued to document her daughter’s navigation of the world, and life in general, on YouTube as she grows and develops. Since Knutzen posted the initial video of her daughter managing to eat with her feet, astonished viewers have flooded her YouTube channel and its videos with positive comments. Many cannot help but call Vasilina “inspirational,” “beautiful,” and “strong,” as popular videos show Vasilina learning how to ride a scooter, drive a toy car, somersault, and even do dishes with just her feet while laughing and smiling in the process.

Vasilina peels banana with feet. (Screenshot)

Each video is remarkable, and they have all garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and elsewhere since first being uploaded in September 2013. Today, Vasilina continues to live a remarkable life, adapting at each turn to a world she must navigate without the use of arms or hands. Be sure to watch the original video uploaded by her mother, Elmire, several years ago, and others since then on YouTube.

Vasilina’s life is an ongoing story that many have found uplifting, and which will leave you inspired and impressed by the youngster’s ingenuity and perseverance.

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Author: Epoch Video