#FASCISTBOOK: FB Global 20/20, SCOTUS: Apple Anti-Trust, Good Club #YouCantWatchThis

5/13: Today, SCOTUS told Apple they can be sued for Monopolizing the APP market, FB says it will hold Global Constitutional Convention to nullify our 1st Am rights and verifies its 2020 meddling…

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Call the White House and protest the treatment of Julian Assange!

Julian Assange is being tortured with BZ in Blemarsh Prison:
Julian Assange Tortured with Psychotropic Drug 

White Wednesday Hijab Protests by Iranian Women:

White Wednesdays Protest Compulsory Hijabs in Iran

Please get Active for 5G Action day on May 15:

NYT says 5G awareness is “Russian Propaganda”:

Please view the documentary on the Big Tech Banning:


Please view the documentary on GMO “hidden” contaminants:

Facebook’s “Global Constitutional Convention”:

Learn More about Sheryl Sandberg, FB, HRC connection on YAFTV videos: 3 part series

Apple gets SCOTUS kick for Monopoly:

Natural News banned by Apple for reporting true climate science:


The Clinton Arkansas Prisoner Blood Scandal:

The Banning of the FACTOR 8 documentary detailing the Clinton infected blood scandal:
Factor 8: The Vanished Documentary

Oregon Passes New Law Empowering Dentist To Give Vaccines

Pittsburgh Mom Says Clinic Implanted Birth Control In 12-Year-Old Daughter Without Consent

The Good Club:

Look for your fave creators (who have left FB) on the Telegram APP:

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