DEATH-DEFYING! C60, Stem Cell Power & DNA/Telomere Repair #GrowingYounger

5/12: Carbon 60 is helping people lengthen their telomeres, repair their DNA, vastly improve mitochondrial function and produce huge numbers of health-repairing stem cells. As our living environment becomes more polluted with EMF radiation, geo-engineering particulates, toxic chemicals and genetically modified foods, Carbon 60 is helping repair the damage done to our cellular and genetic health. In fact, for thousands of people, Carbon 60 is turning back the biological clock, as their telomeres lengthen and they find themselves growing “younger”.

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Stem Cells, Telomeres, Hormones And Lifestyle

Here are links to the 2 Carbon 60 studies of interest for today’s video:

For people still concerned with the propaganda that Carbon 60 is a form of “synthetic AI nanotech”, here is a great video with Ken and Alfred Webre, debunking those false claims. C60 is a NATURAL, carbon based molecule and protects our brain from AI!

Please check out the amazing work of Dr. Kristin Comella, who is being harassed by the FDA for healing people with their own stem cells. Our Cells, our Choice! Don’t let the FDA take your right to use your own stem cells as your own perfect (and inexpensive) medicine away from you!



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