The Honesty Of Returning What Has Been Lost

We’ve all experienced an “oh no” type of moment. The type where you pat your back pocket and don’t feel the familiar weight of your wallet, your phone, maybe even your car keys. The first thought in your mind is that hopefully an honest person found your items and turned them in. During the Wallet Experiment, a group of young men decided to test the honesty of others with some rather remarkable results.

The wallet was “lost” in different places. From busy streets to shopping malls and the group kept a tally on how many people were honest and willing to return the wallet.  Some people were quick to stop the man and return the wallet, some waited to see if the man would notice and come back on his own. A few individuals even chased the owner down to return the wallet. The best part of this experiment was that during the 20 trials they’ve shown, only once was the wallet not returned.

For all of those who have had that terrifying moment of realizing you’ve lost something vital, keep in mind that during the Wallet Experiment, a meager 5% is the number of times the wallet not returned to the owner.

Credit: @storyful

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Author: Epoch Video