Game: Do you dare to touch?

Everyone has fears and some have to get over their fears by force, not by will. For example, you may be afraid of driving but at one point or another, you also may have had to drive and face that fear you may have had for as long as you can remember.

But how about hurting yourself and facing your fear just for a 3-minute Facebook video? Yes, this video shows 2 men playing a few rounds of Mouse Trap Roulette and getting their fingers hurt by mouse traps without even knowing when it might happen. The game begins by spinning a wheel covered from the players so that he or she cannot see if the mouse trap they will put their fingers on is set or not. Once the wheel stops turning, the only thing you can do is hope that you are in luck and that the trap on the other side of the box is not set. Once you build the gut to proceed, you have to touch that mouse trap and see the result. In the video, you shall see that sometimes you are lucky and other times not so lucky.

For every round, they set another trap, so in round 3 there will be 3 set traps, round 4, 4 set traps, etc. The game only gets better so watch it for yourself, just don’t try it at home for your safety!

Credit: Jukinvideo

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Author: Epoch Video