Robert Kraft Sex Tape Leaks

Despite desperate pleas from the madam’s legal team, a sex tape showing billionaire Patriots owner Robert Kraft getting a massage with a happy ending has leaked.


According to the Daily Mail, attorneys for the manager of the Orchids of Asia Day Spa, Lei Wang, appeared at an emergency court hearing on Wednesday to ask that the judge bar the Jupiter police from leaking the hidden camera footage showing two of its employees performing oral and manual sex acts on Kraft.

However, the tape was leaked anyway, and the attorneys are now requesting that the police be held in contempt of court. Prosecutors in the Wang case had warned that they intended to release tapes of Kraft and 24 other man receiving, um, services at the spa as part of her case – but as part of Kraft’s case. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The tape was only available online for a very short period, but reporters from the Daily Mail viewed it and verified that the tape was legit.

The Blast was reportedly approached earlier this week with footage of Kraft at the spa.

‘Representatives of our news operation viewed the footage, and upon watching, can verify the tape appears to show Kraft in the massage parlor with another person, presumably the massage therapist,’ reported The Blast.

‘In the video, the 77-year-old is already undressed and laying on the massage table with his hands placed behind his head. The camera angle is an overhead shot, and it’s believed the camera was placed in the ceiling.’

It is then noted that while ‘only a portion of the videos collected by authorities’ were available to view, ‘it was enough to verify it’s legit..

The footage was briefly posted online on another website as well, but was removed shortly after viewed the brief snippet on Friday morning.

Wang’s lawyers had argued that the release of the tapes would prejudice a jury should she go to trial, which makes sense. After all, it’s a victimless crime – and aren’t suspects supposed to benefit from the presumption of innocence until they’re found guilty?

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Author: Tyler Durden