Watch These Truck Drivers Maneuver the Big Rigs Through the Toughest Roads Like Real Magicians at the Wheel

We all think we’re pretty great drivers, right? Well, watch the incredibly skilled truck and semi-drivers in this video, and see how good a driver you still feel. You will be in awe of them, guaranteed.

These drivers seem to be able to do the impossible. In the first clip, we see a truck pulling a huge long concrete piece for a bridge being constructed, but they have to get it around the narrow twists and turns of the road. As the truck maneuvers the second bend, the back of it comes into view, and it becomes apparent that the two halves are being driven separately!

The next driver in the video reverses (not slowly!) a huge FedEx trailer into a garage in the city, and in the final videos expect to watch with your mouth open – I bet you’ve never even seen something like this on the road!

Have you ever wondered how a wind turbine gets to its destination? In this clip, a truck driver has to maneuver the narrow and twisting roads of Britain to get it to its destination. And the huge trailers don’t get any smaller from there! The trucks are so big they require all the cars to move off the road in front of them, and there are so many wheels.

These trucks can’t go fast, but they are completely incredible.

Watch the video to compare their driving with your own!

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Author: Epoch Video