Guest View: Replacement for Keith Raniere ? — meet Sacha Stone

Editor’s Note: With Keith Alan Raniere likely to be out of circulation for decades to come, some of us are wondering who can replace him?  Who will step forward and do the thinking for all those half-starved women and lusterless soy boys who depend on him to do their critical thinking and lead them onward to executive success? In the coming weeks we will try to find some candidates to replace our Vanguard. Today, we are pleased to offer a man who a reader from the UK was kind enough to tell us about. His name is Sacha Stone.  While our research is entirely preliminary, we are hopeful he is a man erson who might be able to walk in Raniere’s almost perfectly square shoes. 
Guest View By Sarah from the UK
Great work on exposing Nxivm. I’ve been following Frank Report and the Nxivm story since the Vanity Fair piece.
You might be interested in this strange individual – Sacha Stone – and his associates.
There’s no mention of him on Rick Ross’ Cult Education Network but some blogs and Reddit threads have called them out as scammers/fraudsters.
They have gained entry to United Nations events and Stone has photographs of himself with various politicians, mainly African.
The group seems to exist on crowdfunding and volunteer labour. 
Stone (who describes himself as a former ”rock musician” from Zimbabwe) runs a string of outfits including…
International Tribunal for Natural Justice
The last one is really bizarre and troubling. It set up its own ”enquiry” into human trafficking and child abuse. Here’s a link to their mock ”tribunal” in action in London in 2018
Here’s the crowfunding page:
The ”presiding judge” at this ”tribunal” was an Australian conman who calls himself ”Sir John Walsh of Brannagh”
He was stripped of his right to practice law by the Australian Bar Association.  He set up a fake university/diploma mill (”The University of Greenwich” Nb. there is a genuine university of that name in South London) appointing himself chancellor and a convicted fraudster, Dr Ian Mackechnie, as vice-chancellor.
The tribunal’s ”Commissioners” includes Cynthia McKinney who claims to have served 12 years as a Member of the United States House of Representatives and was elected six times by the people of the State of Georgia.
Cynthia McKinney was a member of the US House or Representatives
I’ve never heard of her (I’m British). Her website identifies her as a conspiracy theorist and she misnames Edward Snowden as ”Eric” Snowden.
‘Jimmy Boots” Rothstein
And then there is, ”Jimmy Boots” Rothstein, who is described as a retired NYPD detective and who has a Youtube channel featuring conspiracy videos
An offshoot of their ”Humanitad” outfit is called ”Immortalis” which claims to undertake ”research” for a ”select client base”  into ”extending human life” and something called the ”Immortalis Klotho Protocol.” (??!)
The pitch is ”in the spirit of human fellowship, permit me to ask you to ask yourself the following question: What would you do differently with your life, were you to discover that you could live to two hundred years of age and beyond?”. 
A late associate of Sacha Stone’s was James B Gilmore, who referred to himself as the ”Ambassador-at-large” for the Republic of Liberia (?!) and ”Chairman of the Global Monetary Authority”, which doesn’t appear to actually exist.
From what I’ve read, Stone seems to be exploiting people (through peddling New Age + ”Sovereign Citizen” + Ecology + Anti-Abuse and Trafficking narratives) to crowd-fund a comfortable lifestyle in Kensington in London, with lots of travel. But he’s clearly a conman, and some of the logos and language of ”empowerment” and the focus on ”ethics” is very Nxivm.
So I think someone needs to take a close look and warn people. Especially as he’s adept at getting access to politicians, especially in African countries. And how is he getting access to United Nations events?
Here he is being interviewed by one of his followers :
Keep up the great work – looking forward to your coverage of the Raniere-Bronfman trial.


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Author: Frank Parlato