Grandma Gets Stuck Behind the Dryer–Her Escape Plan Leaves the Entire Internet Cry-Laughing

This family really didn’t think this dryer installation through, and the daughter-in-law knows it. In fact, she sees the flaw early enough that she gets out her phone to film this hilarious family event.

See, when they thought it would be easy enough to install their own dryer with the help of their son, they didn’t think there would be any problem. Two men maneuver the dryer into place, a third person attaches everything at the back, and… done! Right?

Well, no, because they are installing the dryer into a small hall closet, and who did they get pick to get stuck behind the dryer?

That’s right: Grandma.

“Now how am I gonna get out?” she asks, realizing she’s completely trapped back there. Easily, her husband replies, “You’re going to crawl out right over the top.”

Her jaw drops. “What?” So her husband and her son each take an arm and start trying to pull her out over the dryer, but she immediately falls into hysterics and potty humor.

“I think I’m gonna toot! I should have gone to the bathroom first!”

So her son hands her a Tupperware box, which doesn’t help stop their laughing.

“Just use your feet and climb out,” he says simply after she’s already been stuck for some minutes.

When it’s clear she’s not going to get herself out, they find a long orange strap and tell her to wedge it around her butt. They heave her up and finally, one leg comes up and she lies prone over the dryer.

Her husband and son pull her toward them and start pouring her down between them, head first, toward the concrete floor.

Grandma screams and laughs, holding onto her husband’s legs with her head between them.

Finally, she collapses onto the floor. “I need payment for that,” she laughs.

There probably was a much easier way, right?

Watch the video watch the ridiculousness for yourself!

Video Credit: JukinVideo

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