Simply Human, Simply Horrible – The Sun, other media, run story on FR video of Allison Mack singing for Vanguard

The Sun published a story last week on Frank Report’s release of a bizarre and cultic video of Allison Mack singing for her Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere, on his 56th birthday, August 26, 2016.

Other media followed suit.

In the video, Allison sings with the a cappella group, Simply Human.  Among members of the group who provide backup vocals and sound effects were Siobhan Hotaling and Mark Hildreth.

Allison sings lead for the five-member group as they perform, “I Love You More Than I Can Say.”

The song was performed live at Vanguard Week – on Vanguard’s birthday – at the auditorium at the Silver Bay YMCA.  Clare Bronfman had rented the entire 600-acre YMCA plus campus for the birthday celebration of her glorious master.

People wishing to attend the 10-day event paid more than $2,000 each to enjoy the privilege of communing with the Vanguard.  Attractive, slender women, with girlish figures were often permitted a special session with the birthday man in their birthday suits.

On the evening of Vanguard’s actual birthday – which is Day-5 – and where he usually made his first public appearance during the 10 day-long retreat, there was traditionally an evening of entertainment. Raniere himself would get up on stage to make a few brilliant remarks, then sit in the front row next to Nancy Salzman and listen to the wondrous talent of Nxivm members.

Simply Human was a staple at Vanguard Week.

Simply Human was founded in 2007 and the singers were mentored by Raniere himself.

They had a website at one time – – but it seems to be no longer active.  Their Facebook page has been inactive since 2014.
Here is how they described the group Simply Human on Facebook.
“The idea for Simply Human was first conceived by renowned polymath Keith Raniere. Keith, an Albany, NY-based scientist with an immense passion for music and humanity, discovered the college-level a cappella community while researching music on the Internet. The more he read about this musical genre, the more intrigued and excited he became. Here was a musical format which required participants to stretch and expand the boundaries of their voices, and to constantly reappraise what they believe possible.
“A Cappella is also a discipline which requires tremendous practice, coordination and cohesion from its members; which builds a sense of unity within the group. He suspected this would be a wonderful way for music-minded people to come together and joyously express themselves.
“In April of 2007, Keith called six of his musically-inclined friends and arranged a meeting. The result of that meeting was the birth of Simply Human.

“In December 2007, Simply Human made their public debut at the first A Cappella Innovations show. Since then, they have performed for thousands of people across the Northeast US and, most recently, Mexico.
“In November 2012, the group recorded a set of live videos at a local venue, and are scheduled to release them in the spring of 2013. Over the years, while the members of the band has changed, the essence of the group remains constant and, under Keith’s guidance, they continue to expand their repertoire, expression and performance, with the goal of using their collective voices to take the audience on an emotional journey through the power of song.”
The actress, currently facing up to 40 years in prison, breaks down in tears as she sings: “I am only flesh and blood but I can be anything you demand.”


Like many musical groups, Simply Human was unable to earn money for their performances. There recording sold in the single digits.

No one wanted to book them to perform anywhere.  During the 10 years of its existence, Simply Human was able to perform for free at several Bronfman-funded events and other Nxivm gatherings such as Vanguard Week where a captive audience patiently listened.

The apex of the group’s career came when they traveled at their own expense and performed for free at the wedding of Nxivm leader Emiliano Salinas to his actress wife Ludwika Paleta in Mexico in 2013.

On Facebook page, Simpy Human offers a link to listen to one of their songs on Sound Cloud – evidently a live performance of “How Come You Don’t Call Me”.  However, the song has been removed and would-be listeners are denied the privilege of hearing what a Raniere-mentored a cappella group sounds like.

In the video, provided by Frank Report,  Allison sings with great passion, often breaking into tears. It seems evident she is singing to one man in the audience – the birthday boy himself, her Vanguard.

MK10ART has a marvelous new painting reminding her audience that while she was once singing for her Vanguard, with her plea deal and cooperation agreement, she is now singing on her Vanguard.

MK10ART offers a painting of Allison Mack singing with Lauren Salzman and Nancy Salzman – all three former cult members, devotees of the Vanguard, co-defendants of his, and now cooperating witnesses against him.


I was interviewed for The Sun story on Allison’s video.

Here are some of my remarks about the video – from the Sun story:

“Frank Parlato, who first published the video on his blog Frank Report, said the footage was taken around the same time that Mack began her ‘criminal behaviours’….

“Parlato told Sun Online: ‘This performance takes place on Raniere’s birthday during the 2016 Vanguard Week, an annual event dedicated to him, and you can see she is deeply moved.

“‘She’s singing these words that are especially meaningful to him – and I think what is particularly intriguing about the video is that it was taken in 2016. By then, DOS had begun.

“‘When she pleaded guilty this past week she admitted that her criminal behaviours began about this time.

“‘So her singing barefoot in front of Raniere shows the depth of her complete integration into the cult of Keith Raniere.’….

“Parlato, who first exposed the branding and worked tirelessly to expose the cult, says it’s a huge turn around for the star, who has now publicly turned against her once beloved master.

“‘She has made a 100 percent denunciation of Raniere now but that could be based on practical considerations,’ he said.

“‘He is going to go to prison for a very long time – she is facing a shorter or longer time depending on how much help she provides to the prosecution.

“‘She has signed a 10-page cooperation agreement with the US government to help their prosecution against the remaining defendants – including Raniere.

“‘I think the turning point for a lot of his supporters was when the government discovered a hard drive at his home containing explicit pictures of a 15-year-old Mexican girl.

“‘When that evidence came in, everyone gave up on Raniere – including Allison. She knew that she didn’t want to go down with the ship.’

“Parlato also revealed how he and actress Catherine Oxenberg – whose daughter India was also part of NXIVM and DOS – repeatedly begged Mack to leave the group, before there were any arrests – but she refused.

“‘I believe Allison was both a perpetrator and a victim – if she hadn’t come into the path of Keith Raniere she would have continued with her acting, had her own TV show, maybe even gone into movies.

“‘Now she’s lost everything. But at the end of the day, both Catherine Oxenberg and I reached out to her repeatedly and implored her to leave before any arrests were made – or before anybody knew about the branding.

“‘She ignored all my calls and refused to communicate with me but I sent her messages repeatedly.

“‘Catherine and I talked to her manager. We had a long, two-hour conversation with her to try and persuade her to get out.

“‘If she had left then, I don’t think she would have been arrested – India Oxenberg left at that time and agreed to testify for the prosecution and she avoided arrest.’

“Mack, who pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges — including extortion and forced labour – is now facing a maximum 40 year sentence but she’s more likely to get around five years, according to Parlato.

“Then he believes the-once successful Hollywood actress will try to reinvent her career.

“‘The maximum sentence is 40 years but she won’t get that – she’s more likely to get around three to five based on US sentencing guidelines for the crimes she has confessed to and her lack of criminal background,’ he said.

“‘Or she’ll try and get a low security prison where she won’t be subject to unduly harsh living conditions.

“‘After that, I think she’ll try to make a comeback with a strong defence that she was brainwashed and that she followed Raniere with the best of intentions.’”



The lyrics of the song “I Love You More Than I Can Say” are poignant and best express Allison’s devotion at the time she sang the song.

I am posting them below in regular text. In [brackets and bold] are my rough idea of what the background singers of Simply Human could add in counterpoint:

If I ever leave you baby, you can say I told you so

[or you could release my collateral]

And if I ever hurt you…. you know I hurt myself as well

[that’s a fact – he’ll make sure you get hurt]

Is that any way for a woman to carry on

[No, frankly, branding and blackmailing women is not a good way for a woman to carry on]

Do you think I want loved one gone

[He’s gone now baby – for 20 years at least]

Said I love you

More than you’ll ever know

More than you’ll ever know

[Your allocution let him know.]

When I wasn’t making much money

You know where my paycheck went

[Yes, every dime of it]

You know I brought it home to you baby

And I never spent one red cent, hey

Is that any way for a woman to carry on

Do you think I want my loved one gone

Said I love you

More than you’ll ever know

More than you’ll ever know

I’m not trying to be
Just any kind of woman, no I ain’t

[You proved that]

I’m trying to be somebody

[I think you succeeded and proved your individuality] 

You can love, trust, and understand

[Trusting Vanguard – that always works out well]

I know that I can be

A part of you that no one else could see

[Yeah that part was right below the bikini line]

I’ve got to hear, I’ve got to hear you say
Its all right
Yeahhh yeahhh

[Thank you, master, please brand me]

I’m only flesh and blood

[My initials are seared onto your slaves’ flesh and blood]

But I can be everything that you demand

[Dominus Obsequious Sororium]

I can be queen of everything

[Queen of the harem, Mistress Allie]

Or just a tiny grain of sand

[And a tiny brand]

Now tell me, is that anyway for a woman to carry on

MK10ART – Allison carrying on with Dr. Danielle Roberts – with her beloved’s portrait in the background.



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Author: Frank Parlato