#KIWICABAL: OBAMA’s 3/22 NZ Party w/PM Key, Q-“Suicides” #QTROLLBOTS

3/25: BHO traveled to NZ for the “National call to prayer”, during which Imam Fo_da said that mass_cre victims were martyrs in the cause of Isl_m. He met with former PM Sir John Key, chairman of the Board of ANZ Banking Group, the US AMbassador to NZ, Scott Brown and brought with him former Ambassador to NZ, Mark Gilbert. Meanwhile, Jeremy R_chman, high profile parent from S H__k event, who has been suing Al_x Jon_s, was found dead in his office in New Town CT today. Q says: “watch the suicides”.

Avenatti charged with extorting Nike Corp for $25M over college basketball scholarship scam:

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Author: You Are Free TV