Corporate War Propaganda Targets Tulsi Gabbard

As a Democrat, I’m sure Tulsi Gabbard has some fuzzy ideas about economics, but when it comes to ending the Bush-Obama-Trump wars, she’s 100 percent spot on.

On the day she announced her presidential campaign, the media pulled out the big guns. According to NBC, Gabbard is—wait for it—a Russian dupe. Why? Because her campaign is covered by RT and Sputnik.

This is to be expected. NBC was formerly owned by General Electric, the transnational corporation that manufactures engines for attack helicopters.

As a recent vote in Congress demonstrated, both Democrats and Republicans support forever war, so no matter who you vote for, you will end up with endless organized mass murder.

The phony war on terror—and nations not going along with the neoliberal agenda—is designed to feed the military-industrial complex and attack enemies of the ruling elite, the most recent example being Venezuela.

Gabbard will never gain the support of the Democrat machine, a vile mechanism that sabotaged Bernie Sanders and pushed the load of garbage known as the Russian influence campaign, an idiotic disinformation operation.

Only brain-dead Democrats buy into this bogus ruse, having lost all reason due to the Trump derangement syndrome and the tirades of sore loser, Hillary Clinton, a woman who takes advice from the Council on Foreign Relations and acted as a greeter at a secretive Bilderberg group meeting.

Unfortunately, there are not enough sane Democrats out there to give Tulsi Gabbard the support she needs, and even if there were, Democrat attacks will continue and corporate propaganda will portray her as a Russian agent, a Putin marionette.

Sane Democrats, those antiwar activists who stood by as the media-created savior Obama destroyed their movement, may try to get Tulsi nominated, but this is an impossible dream.

All of this psychopathic behavior will only come to an end after the bottom falls out of the federal Reserve juiced economy, and that’s right around the corner.

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Author: Kurt Nimmo