#LOYALDOG : GhwB (Scher_f) JESU_T DEATH RITUAL Over, Attack Continues! #ONGUARD

#LOYALDOG : GhwB (Scher_f) JESU_T DEATH RITUAL Over, Attack Continues! #ONGUARD

12/5: Instead of Congressional Hearings, we get a Jesuit death magic ritual. Hillary and Bill fall asleep alternatively, while President Trump seethes. WE, the People, are charged to uphold the Constitution, defend the Republic(s) and oust the globalist fascist L_ciferians. This is it, it is on us, as much as “The Plan”.

“Think Mirror,”: Q.

The Carbon criminal, Al Gore, Jr., is at it again, with his posse of brainwashed, sold out celebs:

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Merry Christmas to all of you Freedom Lovers! Rejoice! Stay strong, safe, clear, take action through this critical period of time! Prayers and thought-form activism are so vital now! WE ARE FREE!

G_orge HW B_sh is possibly the first non US-born traitor to masquerade as a United States President in breach of Constitutional Law:

#SpiritCooking, Barbara Bush, and the Birth of a #MoonChild. #MatriarchalSatanism at work. #Pizzagate


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