#DOGWHISTLE: (D)ennis (N)athan (C)ain, TRUMP: “Thanks, George” #QPLANET

12/04: So, (D)ennis (N)athan (C)ain, eg, DNC= “WB” with top secret security clearance, specializing in FISA and SIGINT! Multiple Investigations are coalescing into the Eye of the Storm! And 12/11 approaches… Think Mirror, Q.

Please read the incredible article by Jeff Carlson from the Epoch Times outlining the investigations vortex!
Another great ET article for complete clarity on the development of #SPYGATE, Russian collusion and the extent of who (Deep State Dems, Neocons, globalists, both domestic and international) is implicated:

Jeffrey Epstein trials dismissed with announcement of settlement, again:
You can look at the Miami Herald’s extended coverage and current background investigation into Epstein’s unprosecuted pedo-crimes by looking up “Perversion of Justice”.

The Carbon criminal, Al Gore, Jr., is at it again, with his posse of brainwashed, sold out celebs:

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UPDATE: Raffle for Tavor X95 – Winner Chooses the Caliber and the Finish

Support the legal fund ofTimothy Holmseth, the free lance journalist who uncovered the massive pedophile ring run by an elaborate spider’s web of deep state intelligence, government and justice dept. players out of Coward County FL:

Or if you love animals and can’t stand the euthanasia industry (coming soon to a human near you), you can donate to Emotional Rescue, an animal rescue organization who recently saved the lives of the dogs seen in this video. Please see the links in Victurus Libertas’ description beneath the video to see how you can help:

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