#DEWSOS!! USA is Under Attack! CA Today, Your Town Tomorrow! #NIMBYNOMORE!

#DEWSOS!!  USA is Under Attack! CA Today, Your Town Tomorrow! #NIMBYNOMORE!

11/15: The torching of CA is a Shadow Gov’t military operation. WE, the People, are under attack and we MUST wake up and take action in our self defense, as is our right under the United States Constitution! The election stealing, torching of California and invasion of our Southern border is all being staged simultaneously to accomplish multiple nefarious Shadow Government goals.

If you want to join me and Steven D. Kelley discussing these issues at 7pm Pacific Time tonight: https://www.truthcatradio.com

Please watch the incredible video by AIM “Firestorm Apocalypse in America”:

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Now is the time to pray, act and be completely engaged freedom lovers! Thanks so much for supporting You Are Free TV and for your actions and prayers to promote humanity, liberty and the restoration of the American Republic! 1776 worldwide!!

The Agenda 21 MAP for USA land/population control:

Santa Susana nuclear energy site under complete threat from the Woolsey Fire and source of multiple contaminations in the past:

Ridiculously, the media now wants us to think it is ISIS causing the fires!

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Blessings to all of you Freedom Lovers! Stay strong and clear over this crucial weekend! THINK about what you WANT to occur and treat yourself the way you wish others would treat you! Do not fear, WE ARE FREE!

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