#TheBrowardEffect: Q-er’s Redeemed! #ElectionFraud As Scheduled! #HACKERJOE

#TheBrowardEffect: Q-er's Redeemed! #ElectionFraud As Scheduled! #HACKERJOE

11/9: One the reverse of 9/11 we have the predicted election rigging in action after President Trump trolls the deep state with his announcement of the new, hard-hitting, sitting AG, MAtt Whitaker! Meanwhile, the flaying blue fish gasp for life as the Red Tsunami deluge comes ‘athunderin’ forward!

Great for a Friday night laugh at Jim, The Accoster! Thanks to MArk Dice for the amazing rollicking laughter he provides with his vids!

Thanks to AIM for the great video on the 3rd party control of the Election encryption keys on and Mike McKibbon’s report on Joe Sullivan of Clouflare:

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Blessings to all of you Freedom Lovers! Stay strong and clear over this crucial weekend! THINK about what you WANT to occur. Do not fear, WE ARE FREE!

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