#WALKAWAY: WE, The People, VOTED!! Will The De_p State Steal it? #COWARDCOUNTYFRAUD

#WALKAWAY: WE, The People, VOTED!! Will The De_p State Steal it? #COWARDCOUNTYFRAUD

11/06: Florida is the poster child of election-fraud-possible! Roger Stone says: “All eyes are on Broward County,” which is the Effie-center of the Nation plus the Mossad-center of operations in the USA, just next door to the largest installation of the CIA outside of Virginia.

Please check out the excellent update by American Intelligence Media on the non-USA 3rd party encryption for the digital voting in 45 states:

Please watch the report by Dave Janda on the prosecution of election fraud in Georgia, SC and other states under President Trump’s EO issued on 10/12/18:

S_ndy Ho_kers pay for the coffee of Squirrel Hill Sabbath attendees:

George P Bush attends the Israel Bonds Boot Camp:

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