#WEKNOW: BETO BUSTED! Campaign Funds Diverted To Caravan “Migrants”!

#WEKNOW: BETO BUSTED!  Campaign Funds Diverted To Caravan “Migrants”!

11/2: The day after treasonous John Brennan endorses it, the Beto O’Rourke senate campaign gets busted by Project Veritas for using campaign contributions to aid the migrant caravans approaching the Texas border! Can you say: FEC violation Section 1001!

Meanwhile, MasterCard, with the United Nations Refugee Agency, is paying these people to travel each “leg” of the journey from Venezuela and Honduras to the Southern US border with prepaid credit cards! Each “migrant” receives $6,000 for completing the journey to the US border. This is being funded by Soros foundations, such as Act Blue.

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