Lies and Character Assassination in the War to Destroy the First Amendment

Now that the corporate state has decided to destroy any social network not on the reservation, we are seeing a spate of stories attacking the founder of Gab, Andrew Tobra. 

Meanwhile, according to the attorney general of Pennsylvania, the First Amendment begets “hate crimes.”

After the propaganda media successfully pegged Steve Bannon as something akin to a Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard, the Canadian leftist org LeadNow called for Bannon’s free speech to be shut down. 

LeadNow’s website says its mission is “a more open, accountable, and representative democracy,” but this doesn’t apply to Steve Bannon or anyone to the right of Justin Trudeau. 

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, a former DC prosecutor who worked with Bannon, emphatically declared last year the former Trump strategist is not a racist. Shapiro, who is Jewish, described Bannon’s philosophy as “egalitarian America First.” Bannon said he has “zero tolerance” for “racist or anti-Semitic views.” 

For the corporatist media and the state, however, America First is code for racist, sexist, and generally belligerent, possibly even violent and terroristic thoughtcrimes. 

Remarkably, this surrealistic rearrangement of reality and logic is accepted by millions of Americans. It will be a determinate next Tuesday. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo