#IMMUNEPOWER: Carbon 60 Beats Inflammation, Radiation, Procrastination! #NASAGRAB

#IMMUNEPOWER:  Carbon 60 Beats Inflammation, Radiation, Procrastination! #NASAGRAB

10/28: Carbon 60 is a powerful remedy for healing systemic inflammation, one of the root causes of auto-immune “diseases”. In this video, Ken, the Owner and CEO of C60 Enterprises, LLC, which uses the purest Carbon 60 from a certified scientific lab and uses cold pressed, non-GMO avocado and coconut oils to make the best quality product available today, discusses why this is so and what people can do to further enhance the use of C60 to guard against the auto-immune responses that our bodies are having to ever-increasing toxins in our environment, food and water.

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Here is a link for low-cost sodium ascorbate:

Information on intermittent fasting as a healing practice:

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