Reverb Celebrated Deplatforming Alex Jones, Cries Foul After it is Purged from Social Media

It’s like a mental defect, this inability to understand something very simple and straightforward. 

If you’re not part of the corporate club, you’re not going to be allowed the privilege of posting on social media. If you rub the state-sanctioned narrative wrong, you will be deplatformed. 

Reverb Press found this out the hard way. It was caught up in the sanitization campaign that memory holed hundreds of websites from Facebook and Twitter. 

Marc Belisle, a former editor at the leftist website, whined about his treatment at the hands of Facebook after the corporate behemoth swept the website into the memory hole for unexplained crimes against the narrative.

According to Belisle, Reverb’s editor, James Reader, was extra careful to not offend Facebook—and went so far as to follow every minor nuance of its best practices—but this didn’t save the website. 

“They basically shut everybody down and sent the same boilerplate thing to all the pages,” Reader told Belisle. 

Reverb, however, was all for scrubbing folks based on political ideology. It celebrated the deplatforming of Alex Jones. And it was vicious in its celebration, employing now routine pejoratives overused by leftists to describe their political enemies. 

Belisle complained: 

Like everyone who has worked for Reverb Press, I am passionate about researching, analyzing, and informing people about politics. And like most people who worked there, the Great Recession left me overeducated, underemployed, and buried under student loan debt. Despite my financial situation, I continued to write about politics, for little pay, because it’s important to me. The fact that I got paid anything at all was just a bonus to pursuing my passion and reaching an audience of over 800,000 people who chose to follow our work on Facebook.

Join the club, Mr. Belisle. There are thousands of us out here writing for little or no pay. 

But that’s not the point. 

The point is this: corporate social media, in bed with the state, is moving to wipe all media off the web that does not support the narrative. The targets include social media accounts on both the right and left. 

Belisle worked for a website that celebrated corporate censorship. Reverb is now having a self-righteous moment of indignation as it conveniently ignores its own behavior. 

It’s well past time to fully comprehend the dynamics of the current situation. It is really quite simple, even blinkered and brainwashed leftists—and their counterparts on the right—should be able to understand. 

If you’re not a member in good standing with the corporate media combine or you’re not taking foundation money from the gatekeepers, you will be swept into the memory hole. 

It’s simple as that and really not difficult to understand, even for double standard leftists who aren’t opposed to censorship and media purges so long as they are not victims. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo