HURRICANE MICHAEL ARCHIVE: A Weaponized Superstorm Aimed at the Florida Panhandle


Frankenstorm Michael Archive

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Hurricane Video Researchers:


Did the Air Force Weaponize Hurricane Michael?

Weaponizing Hurricane Michael For Political Agendas

HURRICANE MICHAEL: Another Engineered Superstorm

State Of the Nation

‘SNEAK ATTACK’: Hurricane Michael was a 9/11-style false flag attack on the Deep South

HURRICANE MICHAEL: A Brazen, Purposeful and Catastrophic Attack on the Right! Atomic Bomb!

HURRICANE MICHAEL: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targeting Tallahassee and Florida Panhandle—Why!


SOTN Comment posts

Weaponized Weather Changes Everything, Especially Politics

Hurricane Michael was a TARGETED STRIKE (Video)

HURRICANE MICHAEL: The Force and the Fury on Video

Was Hurricane Michael patterned after Hurricane Andrew by the geoengineers?

HURRICANE MICHAEL: Another Engineered Superstorm (Videos)

Massive Cyber Attacks Across the Web & Treacherous Weather Attacks [videos]

The Real Reasons Hurricane Michael Attacked Florida: An Insider’s View

Hurricane Michael Aimed Directly at Tyndall Air Force Base—WHY?

Were over 20 F-22s sent to Israel before Hurricane Michael destroyed Tyndall Air Force Base?

HURRICANE MICHAEL: They Are Eliminating Us (Video)

Weather Warfare Obliterates MAGA Panhandle! Call To Action! (Video)

Vital Information: Weather Terrorism Obliterates MAGA Panhandle (Video)

MUST SHARE: “Hurricane Michael” Has Been Weaponized (Video)

HURRICANE MICHAEL: A Brazen, Purposeful and Catastrophic Attack on the Right!

An Open Letter to Governor Rick Scott

PROOF: Hurricane Michael was a geoengineered superstorm attack on Florida red counties (Video)

Sorry folks, we are located in Tallahassee Florida and were hit by Hurricane Michael.

OCTOBER SURPRISE: Weather Warfare Across the Nation is Being Purposefully Geoengineered (Video)

Just like Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Michael was fed massive amounts of moisture by water vapor generation stations on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Geoengineering Signatures Prove Hurricane Michael Is Being Intensified And Steered (Video)

Hurricane brewing in Gulf of Mexico headed right for Tallahassee (++++)
Tropical Storm Michael is born: Models see hurricane threat for North Florida | Analysis


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