Michael Moore overheard saying President Trump wrote anonymous NYT op-ed

Left-wing activist and filmmaker Michael Moore was overheard at a red carpet event last Thursday telling someone that either President Donald Trump or one of his people wrote the anonymous NYT op-ed as a distraction buying the Trump time as he ‘dismantles our democracy,’ as reported by Showbiz411.com.

Moore was overheard Thursday saying: “… Trump wrote it or one of his minions wrote it…. He’s the master of distraction. He’s the King of the Misdirect. If we’ve ever known anything by now, it’s that he does things to get people to turn away and the line that is most identifiable in terms of what he wants the public to believe, the line that says, ‘don’t worry, adults are in the room.’ The idea is to get him to get us to calm down and look away from what he’s really doing.”

Michael Moore
Brave New Films/Flickr

“It’s that we may not have our United States the way that we knew it,” he said. “If he’s successful in dismantling our democracy than the United States of old is gone and that’s what I’m worried about.”

Moore said in his ideal world on Nov 6 “there will be a tsunami of women, young people, people of color, going to the polls. And they’re going to try and right a very huge wrong. I believe that.”

Moore is hoping for that blue wave.

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Author: Intellihub.com