#GENSIX Transhumanism Vs. Human Divinity #EUGENICS

#GENSIX Transhumanism Vs. Human Divinity #EUGENICS

9/15 Part 2: Report on the True Legends Conference. This video reports on the the Key Note address of David Knight of REAL NEWS, and addresses the issues of Human Divinity vs the synthetic fakery of the Globalist Cabal’s One World Government Eugenics program and how we can defeat this with Spiritual Activism.

The image for this thumbnail is from the insightful book by Steve Quayle entitled: TERMINATED. Please investigate the work by Christian historian Steve Quayle:

Please watch the Real News with David Knight:

For info on Julius Huxley:

To read more about the transhumanist spokesperson Zoltan:

To learn more about the current harm of vaccines:

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