#GENSIX Transhumanism, AI Police State, Avatars, Augmented Elite #KRONOS

#GENSIX Transhumanism, AI Police State, Avatars, Augmented Elite #KRONOS

9/14 The GEN SIX conference, focused on exposing the sinister plan of transhumanism, began today, revealing the nefarious plans of the technorati to enslave humanity using AI military robotics, enhanced cloud technology and genetic augmentation for an elite master class.

One thousand or more men in fatigues were captured on film by a Rancher in Arizona 2 days ago crossing the border into the USA, heavily armed and carrying extensive gear:

Check out reporter Millie Weaver’s account of insider information on Trudeau’s plan to declare martial law in Canada:

Why Is Canada Preparing Martial Law?

If you would like to livestream the rest of the True Legends conference exposing transhumanism that continues all day on 9/15:


Steve Quayle is a world-renowned Christian historian and researcher into Biblical prophecy including the existence of real giants (some of their bones are in the Smithsonian!) and most recently, TERMINATED, an expose on the elite’s plan to achieve total biocide through transhumanism:

Check out the excellent research and fiction of Sharon Gilbert, Christian activist and anti-transhumanist researcher:


Please support the excellent research of historian and ufoligist Richard Dolan, author of many books, including AD: AFTER DISCLOSURE:


Please support the great research of Timothy Alberino, co-creator of the True Legends/Gensix conferences and author of the forthcoming book: ALIEN ARMAGEDDON:


Please review the important article by Mike Adams regarding the dangers to our nuclear plants in the Southeast as Hurrican Florence continues to cause massive damage:

Thanks to all of you for supporting You Are Free TV! Please pray for the people and animals in the Southeastern USA as they struggle through this enormous storm. Thanks so much for your excellent comments, prayers and news links, Freedom lovers! YOU ARE FREE! Humanity is divinely created and we will prevail in the face of the Luciferian aganeda of the technorati to fashion themselves as synthetic false gods and enslave us. WE ARE BORN FREE and always will BE FREE!

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