#INSIDEJOB: 9/11 to Isl_moph_bia, The DS Assault on America #JOINTRUMP

#INSIDEJOB: 9/11 to Isl_moph_bia, The DS Assault on America #JOINTRUMP

9/11: As Hurricane Florence threatens the Southeastern USA, President Trump faces the #STORM. For 3 decades, the D_ep State has executed a full-spectrum assault on the United States, using the heinous crime of 9/11 as their pre-planned “New Pearl Harbor” in order to reorganize American society and the Western world into the Agenda 21 plan for Global Fascism. President Trump is valiantly dismantling and combating the bankster elite’s hundreds’ year old plan to create a One World government that enslaves the human race. This month, on the anniversary of 9/11, we are all needed in this fight, the last great hope for our country and our planet.

This video was made yesterday on 9/11, but YT would not allow it to upload until this morning. The ongoing big tech censorship machine continues to ratchet up, with Chinese style social scoring and EU style censorship now fully active in the United States. NOW is the time for complete engagement and awareness to fight this information war and the weaponization of information technology.

Please take a moment to read the important information provided about the potential Fukushim type event that could result from Hurricane Florence at the Brunswick Nuclear Power plant in NC:

President Trump, immediately after 9/11, said he believed b_mbs were used to take down the Twin Towers:

PLEASE sign the petition to force Congress to continue funding the health care needs of 9/11 First Responders:

Tell Congress we will never forget 9/11 first responders and survivors

Judicial Watch exposes Robert Mueller’s cover-up of FBI involvement in 9/11:

Clyde Lewis provides excellent materials on the 9/11 Cover up:

Please read the source documents discussed in this video, the Report from Iron Mountain and Project For The New American Century:

The real reason The Cabal will not leave Afghanistan:

Dark Journalist on Ancient Irish history:

Thanks so much for supporting You Are Free TV! All of your positive comments, news tips, prayers and encouragement are deeply appreciated! Together, we will weather the #STORM and witness the flowering of a beautiful new era in America and the world. PLEASE pray pray pray for the people of the Southeastern USA and that Hurricane Florence dissipate before it hits the coast tomorrow. Please pray for the people of Syria and for the prevention of the needless killing of civilians in the Cabal’s ongoing plan to topple that independent, non-FED controlled, nation.

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