#FAKEBOOK COO Sh_ryl Sandb_rg LEANS IN to DC Corruption: HRC, SES, CF, OMG!

#FAKEBOOK COO Sh_ryl Sandb_rg LEANS IN to DC Corruption: HRC, SES, CF, OMG!

9/7 Facebook’s Chief Operating officer, Sh_ryl Sandberg has a nearly 3 decade history with major Deep State operators, including Her bestie, HRC. In fact, S_ndberg was there at the very beginning when InQtel, the CIA hedge fund began funding all of the proxy tech “start ups”! The collusion between the DS globalist cabal and Big Tech surveillance is so pervasive bc it was DESIGNED that way, as an massive intelligence weapon against We, the People, intended to curb our activities, groom us for the coming total surveillance lock down, take away our Constitutional rights and be the Trojan horse that will deliver the mandate for a national digital ID.

HRC considered Making S_ndberg her Treasury Secretary:

Please check out AIM’s briefing for Congress on Sandb_rg’s DS history:

Please support the Senate race of Shiva Ayyadurai, the creator of the first email system and who wants to create a public, censorship-free internet “mesh” network for We, the People!
Please attend the rallies planned for the UMASS Boston MA Senate debates on October 15- end the 2-party tyranny!

PRESS RELEASE: Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Prepares to Sue University of Massachusetts

For a little background on the Plato’s Retreat Sex Club in NYC said by Dr. Steve Pieczenik (https://www.stevepieczenik.com), psychiatrist, government insider and former State Department official, to have been frequented by Skull and Bones pals John Bolton and George W Bush:

Platos Retreat – Infamous New York Sex Club

Sh_ryl Sandb_rg was appointed to the Board of Directors of Survey Monkey shortly after her husband, Survey Monkey’s CEO, Dave Goldberg, died abruptly in a Puerto Vallarta resort from blunt force trauma to the head said to have occurred when “his heart gave out” while he was on a treadmill in the gym. This episode was not witnessed. He was found by his brother. The death was first claimed to have occurred at the Four Seasons, but then the report changed to say the place of death was in the nearby exclusive resort town of Punta Mila.
Six months later, Survey Monkey, in cahoots with NBC, began running weekly polls of the 2016 presidential race. If elected, Hillary Clinton was expected to choose S_ndberg for her cabinet as her Secretary of the Treasury (S_ndberg had formerly served under Bill Clinton Treasury Secretary, Larry Summer, S_ndberg’s mentor at Harvard.

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