Watch Live: Twitter and Facebook Execs Appear Before Congress; Alex Jones In Attendance

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg are set to tell lawmakers Wednesday that their companies have taken measures to combat foreign interference in future elections. 

At 9:30AM EST, Sandberg and Dorsey will appear together in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, while Dorsey will sit down with the House Energy and Commerce Committee at 1:30PM ET. 

“Our adversaries are determined, creative and well-funded,” Sandberg plans to say, according to her prepared remarks. “But we are even more determined — and we will continue to fight back.”

Dorsey said in tweets ahead of the hearing: “We realize Twitter is used by many as a public square, and our singular objective as a company is to help increase the health and integrity of conversations found within.”


Dorsey’s second congressional hearing will seek to address allegations by Republican lawmakers that Twitter is unfairly targeting conservative-leaning users, charges echoed by President Trump. 

Alex Jones? 

Also in attendance will be Infowars founder and host Alex Jones, who is in Washington D.C. to “face his accusers.” 

Jones said he was attending the hearings to face his accusers, who have charged him with being everything from a Russian agent to a racist.

Jones has reportedly obtained a front row seat at the hearings and has vowed to challenge the media on how they misreported the reasons he was banned by Big Tech.

He will also hold a special press conference while in DC. –Infowars

 We’re gonna need a bigger popcorn bowl… 

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Author: Tyler Durden