Even China Has A Higher Proportion Of Women Politicians Than America

As primary elections in the United States closed last Tuesday and the results trickled in on Wednesday, a clear pattern emerged from the ballot box: women winning. As Statista’s Sarah Feldman notes, the pink wave saw female candidates clean up many primary wins, putting them on track to enter positions of power in various levels of government.

While Wednesday’s results were historic for the United States, many countries are light-years ahead of the US when it comes to women holding seats in the legislature.

Infographic: Where Do Women Hold Political Office? | Statista

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Rwanda, where most legislators are women, has three times as many women in government as the United states.

Over the past two decades, women have entered government at increasing rates, with this uptick partially fueled by legislative or voluntary gender quotas for political parties and parliaments.

America, however, still has relatively fewer women politicians than communist China but – luckily for the land of the free – has a greater proportion than Russia.

So many waves – red, blue, pink, or red ink…

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Author: Tyler Durden