The Q Team has put out an explosive series of posts, letting us know that they have the plan in place to indict those responsible for the attempted Coup d’etat by Ob_ma, the UK, the Cl_ntons and multiple SES intelligence players and FBI rogue agents and plants in the Trump campaign and administration. “Previews are over!” Says Q and precision take downs of the criminals are underway. Once the truth comes out about what happened in Haiti, the weaponized weather used to purposely devastate the country, the complicity of the Dominican Republic corrupt government, the trafficking of Haitian children and adults and the mass looting of the resources of the country, African Americans (who’s support of Trump has doubled in the last few months) and other people of color in the US will abandon the corrupt Dem party and we will finally be done with the two party tyranny and r store this Republic.

Please go see the excellent patriotic and anti-fascist documentary Death of a Nation by Dinesh d’Souza:

The current Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) labeling policy for “Product of U.S.A.” allows cheap foreign beef to pass through USDA-inspected plants or be blended with U.S. beef to gain the increased market price that unwitting consumers pay for meat they think was raised in the U.S. Please sign the petition to stop this practice today and support American ranchers who are not part of the Cargill factory-farming monopoly:

To watch President Trump’s roast of HRC at the Astoria hotel in NYC prior to the 2016 election where he courageously speaks the truth:

Please support the work of Katie G and the Citizens Investigative Report channel on YT! She does an excellent job of reporting the Q posts and she is collecting video testimonies from people who share their stories of why they believe in Q!

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