At Least Four Dead After Shooting In Fredericton, Canada

Four people were killed, including two police officers, in a Friday morning shooting in the eastern Canadian city of Fredericton, according to local police. 

One suspect was apprehended following a two-hour search in which police told people to stay inside and lock their doors. The area is “contained for the foreseeable future as the investigation is ongoing.” 


David MacCoubrey said he awoke in his apartment on Brookside Drive around 7:07 a.m. local time (6:07 a.m. ET) to the sound of gunshots “10 meters from my bed.”

MacCoubrey told The Associated Press that three gunshots woke him up, and as many as 17 more have been fired between that time and around 8:30 a.m.

He says his apartment complex has four buildings in a square, and it sounded like the shots were coming from the middle of the complex.

Mr MacCoubrey said police have been searching the complex and he has been sitting on the floor of his home away from windows. –NBC News

“With the tempo, it might’ve been a gunshot,” said MacCoubrey. “It was sort of like a pop, pop, pop, pop.”


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Author: Tyler Durden