$40 Million Yacht Owned By Betsy DeVos Set Adrift By Vandals

A $40 million luxury yacht belonging to Secretary of Eduction Betsy DeVos was untied from its mooring at Lake Huron marina, according to local police. 

The crew woke last weekend to find the 164-foot Seaquest adrift, and were able to regain control of it after the ship struck the dock – causing $5,000 – $10,00 in damages in the form of several scratches and scrapes, reports the Toledo Blade

The Seaquest was moored at the Huron Boat Basin, 330 Main St., according to a police report. The captain of the 163-foot yacht, worth a reported $40 million, called police at about 6 a.m. Sunday, telling them that he and the crew realized at sunrise that someone had untied Seaquest from the dock, setting it adrift. –Toledo Blade

“Around sunrise the crew woke to find the boat had been untied from the dock and was adrift,” reads a vandalism report filed Sunday by the Huron Police Department. 

Police are searching for surveillance video that may offer clues. 

DeVos, the daughter of Edgar Prince of the Prince coproation, is the sister of Erik Prince, the most famous private military contractor in the world. She marrying Richard DeVos Jr., whose father founded multi-level-marketing corporation Amway.

The Seaquest, which can accomodate 12 guests and 12 crew, is one of 10 boats owned by the family, and is registered to RDV International Marine LTD according to a US Customs and Border Protection database. 

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Author: Tyler Durden