Over 70 Dead, 100s Hurt/Missing As Greek Wildfires “Struck Like A Flamethrower”

Greece is on fire…

As of the latest press briefing, the Greek Fire Service reported the number of dead from the devastating Athens wildfires has surged to at least 76.

The number of injured is 164 adults and 23 children. Ten of the adults were in intensive care units in Athens hospitals.

However,  as KeepTalkingGreece.com reports, there is total confusion about the number of missing – unconfirmed information speak of 50 people, other claims of 100 missing.

The fire broke out in the forest area by Daou on Penteli mountain at 5 o’ clock Monday afternoon.

By a wind blowing with average intensity of  9 Beaufort and occasionally of up to 11 Beaufort, the fire inferno moved quickly from the mountain Penteli eastwards.

Survivors of the wildfires have described how they were forced into the sea by a blaze that “struck like a flamethrower”.

“The flames were chasing us all the way to the water,” said one victim.

Meanwhile, the bodies of 26 adults and children who apparently died hugging each other were found close to the sea.

Rescue teams continue search in settlements and villages on the coast of North-East Athens.

They go door to door or to what left from houses that have been burned down searching for people, hoping to find somebody alive.

But reality is harsh.

The blaze left behind nothing but ashes…

Incredibly high temperatures were developed in the inferno on Monday.

Reports speak of 1000s of houses and 100s of cars that were burned down.

The Greek Air Force released video footage from the wildfires in North-East Athens (East Attica) and Kineta (West Attica. Flames and smog at land.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras declared a 3-day National Mourning for the victims.

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Author: Tyler Durden