Vanguard Adjusting To Prison Life – Well, at least some parts of it…


Reports from inside Vanguard’s home-away-from-home (or maybe it’s just home now) indicate that he’s continuing to adjust to his new role as Federal Inmate 57005-177. Well, at least parts of it.

He continues to experience medical issues that have resulted in numerous trips to MDC’s world-famous health clinic (According to the many past and pending lawsuits, “world-infamous” is probably a more accurate description). Many believe, however, that he’s just suffering from “cellboredomitis”, a fairly common disease among prisoners at MDC – especially the ones that are there for long periods of time.

And he continues to avoid showers as much as possible. Which has led to several complaints from his fellow inmates – and even a couple of orders for him to take showers from the staff. If this keeps up, he’ll probably end up being carried into the showers – and deposited there – by others in the unit who find his stench annoying.

But one thing that Vanguard has apparently adjusted to quite well is prison food. He reportedly NEVER misses a meal, is often first-in-line for them, and, unlike most prisoners, never complains about some of the slop that many find disgusting and inedible. So, at least we don’t have to worry that Vanguard is going to just waste away in prison – which is certainly very comforting to those of us who have been worried about his health.

Apparently, Vanguard still thinks his trial is going to start around October 1st – which is only about 75 days away. But depending on whatever new charges may be brought against him in the superseding indictment that could be served sometime this week, it could be as much as another 12-18 months before he actually goes to trial.

So, as summer continues to slip away, the Vanguard is just slip-sliding along at MDC. Not doing anything particularly noteworthy, except for eating all that MDC has to offer in the way of meals. Still spending a lot of time by himself – mostly sitting around and waiting for the next meal to be served.

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