Reader: ‘Barbara Bouchey deserves medal of honor’

By A Reader
This woman deserves a medal of honor. I left the area in 2011, when stories about NXIVM were beginning to emerge.  Reading her horrible struggle with lawsuits and threats truly saddened me even then. I am so glad she is getting “rewarded” for her efforts and persistence. God bless her.
One article from the 2011 Times Union interview has information about Barbara’s brothers redacted. I imagine it was due to the damage that would be done to [name redacted] his reputation.  Hopefully, her brother has been providing her with the financial and emotional support she needs or needed.
While I ceased being among your readers who were regularly updated on details of the case before the branding incident broke, I still go to it often to get the latest information I can.
Again, so glad that “what goes around, comes around.”
Brava, Barbara!

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