William Barr Is Given Samantha Power Emails Showing Why Hundreds of Trump Names Were Unmasked

Comey: request gave me queasy feeling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCY0pB2f3o4

James Clapper Knew There Was No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion In 2016 https://thefederalist.com/2019/04/24/james-clapper-knew-no-evidence-trump-russia-collusion-2016/

Fmr. AG Mukasey predicts criminal charge for Clinton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6t9fUPB97o&t=12s

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China Tests World’s Largest Transport Drone With Airdrop Exercise

Last October, we were one of the first to report that China tested the world’s largest transport drone. Now it appears the drone has undergone several more tests, this time with a heavy cargo delivery exercise.

The aerial delivery exercise was conducted by the National Defense University of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the state-owned China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation in Zhangye, Northwest China’s Gansu Province, at an unspecified time, reported The Global Times. read more

US Regulator Cites New Risk on Grounded Boeing 737 MAX, Orders Changes

WASHINGTON/SEATTLE—The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has identified a new risk that Boeing Co must address on its 737 MAX before the grounded jet can return to service, the agency said on June 26.

The risk was discovered during a simulator test last week and it is not yet clear if the issue can be addressed with a software upgrade or will require a more complex hardware fix, sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

The FAA did not elaborate on the latest setback for Boeing, which has been working to get its best-selling airplane back in the air following a worldwide grounding in March in the wake of two deadly crashes within five months. read more

The Beto Bust

I’m not sure the first night of the Democratic debate had a winner, but it sure had a loser: Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke. The former congressman found himself the target of Bill de Blasio, Cory Booker, Julián Castro, and John Delaney. And O’Rourke didn’t fare well. He came across as stilted and rehearsed during his answers and off-balance in his responses to the other candidates. O’Rourke enjoyed a lot of publicity last year, and much attention when he launched his campaign, but he has since lost ground to South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg. O’Rourke is at 3 percent nationally in the RCP average. Don’t expect that number to rise anytime soon. read more

Warren Doesn’t Say If She Would Put Any Limits on Abortion

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) did not directly answer a question at Wednesday night’s Democratic primary debate about whether she’d support any abortion restrictions.

“Would you put any limits on abortion?” NBC moderator Lester Holt asked.

“I would make certain that every woman has access to the full range of reproductive health-care services, and that includes birth control. It includes abortion. It includes everything for a woman,” Warren answered.

She added that the courts couldn’t be expected to “protect us.” read more

Tulsi Gabbard Twitter Account Attacks MSNBC Mid-Debate for Pro-Elizabeth Warren Bias

The Twitter account for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D., Hawaii) launched an attack on MSNBC for its handling of the first Democratic presidential debate while she was still on the debate stage.

“It’s clear who MSNBC wants to be president: Elizabeth Warren. They’re giving her more time than all the other candidates combined. They aren’t giving any time to Tulsi at all,” tweeted the account for the Hawaii congresswoman Wednesday night.

It’s clear who MSNBC wants to be president: Elizabeth Warren. They’re giving her more time than all the other candidates combined. They aren’t giving any time to Tulsi at all. -V (Tulsi’s sister) read more

Inslee Touts Pro-Choice Record, Gets Dinged by Klobuchar

Gov. Jay Inslee (D., Wash.) received a shot from Democrat Amy Klobuchar, a senator from Minnesota, during the 2020 Democratic debate in Miami.

Inslee tried to set himself up as the most successful pro-choice candidate on the stage by saying he actually passed a law requiring insurance companies to cover abortion in Washington.

“It should not be an option in the United States of America for any insurance company to deny women coverage for their exercise of their right of choice,” said Jay Inslee. read more

De Blasio: We’re Supposed to be for 70% Tax Rate, Free College

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his support for 70 percent tax rate early during the Democratic debate on MSNBC Wednesday night, contrasting his positions with former congressman Beto O’Rourke.

Moderator Jose Diaz-Balart asked de Blasio what he would do to “address income inequality” as president.

In response, the mayor laid out a host of progressive policy proposals. “Well, we’ve been addressing income inequality in New York City,” de Blasio said. “By raising wages, by raising benefits, by putting money back in the hands of working people, fifteen dollar minimum wage, paid sick days, pre-K for all, things that are making a huge difference in working people’s lives.” read more

Elizabeth Warren Uses PC Term ‘Latinx’ In First Dem Debate. Will It Catch On?

Latinx is a gender-neutral substitute for Latino/Latina. It’s popular in academic circles, but is used increasingly as the politically correct label by progressives in Democratic politics.

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Author: Emily Jashinsky