‘I Almost Lost My Leg or My Life:’ Man Gets Flesh-Eating Bacteria at Beach

An Alabama man said he nearly died after contracting flesh-eating bacteria during a trip to the beach.

“I almost lost my leg or my life,” Tony Meredith of Colquitt told WKRG.

Meredith’s family recently took an annual trip to the Panama City Beach, but five days later he experienced flu-like symptoms. The initial diagnoses was a kidney infection—until his leg turned purple.

After rushing to the hospital, Meredith was placed on triage and soon diagnosed with the bacteria, necrotizing fasciitis. It had entered through a  small scratch below the man’s knee while he was in the water. read more

Boy Loses Arm After Neighbor Hands Him Firework That Blew Up

A 10-year-old California boy lost one of his arms after his neighbor handed him a firework that blew up.

Aaron Carreto was celebrating his birthday in Compton recently when the adult neighbor gave him the firework.

“They lit a firework and then they gave it to me,” Aaron told KABC. “The fuse went down, I looked at it and then it popped in my hand when I was going to throw it.”

Two men were said to be involved; one of them, 27-year-old Walter Revolorio, was arrested and charged with two felonies: child abuse under circumstances or conditions likely to cause great bodily injury or death and possession of a destructive device in a public place. read more

Gamer Alinity Under Investigation After Throwing Cat, Spitting Vodka Into Mouth During Livestream

A popular video gamer is under investigation after she was seen hurling her cat while playing a video game during a livestream on the Twitch platform.

Alinity was also seen taking a swig of vodka and spitting it into her cat’s mouth.

Videos shared by journalist Ian Miles Cheong garnered millions of views and eventually prompted a response from the authorities.

Alinity is an animal abuser. You okay with this @TwitchSupport? @peta pic.twitter.com/z1C6PGmJMz

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) July 19, 2019 read more

Bernie Sanders Says Campaign Will Limit Hours Staffers Work After Complaints About ‘Poverty Wages’

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said that his presidential campaign will cut some of the hours that some staffers work after complaints that they were not getting $15 an hour.

Internal communication documents obtained by the Washington Post showed that campaign field hires want an annual salary which would be equivalent to a $15 an hour wage but campaign managers have so far declined to give it to them.

According to one letter, field staff—the lowest level of staff on the campaign—are making less than $13 an hour. read more

Orwell, Inc.: How Your Employer Spies On You From When You Wake Up Until You Go To Bed

An increasing number of large companies are using data from employees’ electronic devices to track such personal details like when you they wake up, where they go for coffee in the morning, their whereabouts throughout the entire day, and what time they go to bed according to a new Wall Street Journal article. What’s the company explanation for this type of spying?

“An increasing number of companies are keeping track of such information to flag potentially suspicious activity and measure work-life balance,” the article claims. read more

The Planetary Insanity Of Eternal Economic Growth

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

This is the fantasy: we can rebuild our entire global industrial society every generation or two forever.

“Earthrise” is one of the most influential photographs ever published. Taken on the Apollo 8 mission in late December 1968 by astronaut Bill Anders, it captures Earth’s uniqueness, isolation and modest scale: a blue and white dot on a vast sea of lifeless darkness.

The revelation that strikes me is the insanity of pursuing eternal economic growth, not as an option but as the only possible path: there is literally no alternative to extracting ever greater quantities of the planet’s resources to enable ever greater consumption by the planet’s 7.7 billion humans. read more

Iran Releases First Footage Of Seized Oil Tanker

Iran has released the first images of the detained British flagged oil tanker Stena Impero after its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) announced its seizure Friday in retaliation for the UK’s prior capture of the ‘Grace 1’ off Gibraltar earlier this month. 

The Swedish-owned and British flagged tanker is also no longer under control of crew and hasn’t been able to be contacted since being forced into Iranian waters Friday, according to a statement from its owner Stena Bulk. read more

Australia-Listed China Citrus Firm Says Board Quit After Probe Rumor

SYDNEY—The Australian bourse said on July 19 it is investigating the mass resignations of directors at two Australia-listed Chinese agricultural companies, in one case over a rumored probe of criminal connections to its plantations in China.

One of the firms recently losing directors, citrus grower Dongfang Modern Agriculture Holding Group Ltd, told the exchange late on July 18 that the abrupt resignations in June of almost the entire board was due to a rumored criminal investigation of its plantations. read more

Apollo 11 Astronauts Reunite on 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.—Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins reunited Friday, July 19, on the eve of the 50th anniversary of humanity’s first moon landing.

They gathered in the Oval Office with President Donald Trump, who got a rundown on his administration’s plans to get astronauts back on the moon by 2024 and then on to Mars in the 2030s.

“We’re bringing the glamour back” to the space program, Trump said.

Both sons of the late Neil Armstrong, the first man to step onto the moon on July 20, 1969, also attended, as well as first lady Melania Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. read more