Roger Stone Got 14 Times More Cable Mentions Than George Washington on Washington’s Birthday

A Washington Free Beacon analysis found that cable news networks mentioned former Trump adviser Roger Stone nearly 15 times as often as George Washington on Washington’s birthday.

A TVEyes search finds that Roger Stone was mentioned 131 times on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN on Monday. Excluding references to Washington, D.C., Washington state, and the Washington Post, the founding father received only nine mentions.

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While all three networks mentioned Stone roughly the same number of times, Fox News accounted for nearly every mention of George Washington. Anchors and guests on Fox named the nation’s first president eight times. MSNBC’s Joy Reid mentioned Washington in her closing monologue, while CNN did not mention him at all. read more

Bloomberg Once Called Excessive Spending on Campaign Ads ‘Obscene’

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has already poured hundreds of millions of dollars into his last-minute presidential bid, but the 2020 Democratic hopeful once described multimillion-dollar ad campaigns as “obscene” spending that would “annoy people.”

Bloomberg dismissed 2001 reports that he would spend upward of $30 million on his initial run for mayor in New York City. “At some point, you start to look obscene,” Bloomberg told New York magazine. “There’s a limited amount of ad time you can buy. It becomes dysfunctional; you annoy people with ads.” read more

Warren: Bernie Is Responsible for His Bros

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) on Monday faulted Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) for his supporters’ attacks against a Nevada culinary workers union, saying they were building “a foundation of hate.”

“I’ve said before that we are all responsible for what our supporters do,” Warren said in an interview with MSNBC’s Ali Vitali. “And I think Bernie has a lot of questions to answer here. And I am particularly worried about what happened in the attacks on members of the culinary union, particularly on the women in leadership.” read more

Founder of Putin-Tied Russian Tech Firm Hosts Fundraiser for Maine Democrat

A recent fundraiser for Maine Democrat Sara Gideon was cohosted by the founder and chairman of Russian tech giant Yandex, a search engine closely tied to associates of Vladimir Putin that allows itself to be controlled by the Kremlin.

The invitation for the February 12 fundraiser for Gideon, the Democratic establishment’s choice in Maine’s closely watched U.S. Senate election, shows it was hosted by John Boynton, an American who built a fortune off founding companies in Russia. Among Boynton’s companies is Yandex, which has been branded the “Google of Russia” and is the country’s largest internet company. Boynton and his wife were each required to contribute the maximum $5,600 to Gideon to be listed as hosts of the fundraiser. read more

Obama Allies Push Back on Bloomberg Ads Framing Mayor as Obama Pal

Ads casting Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg and former president Barack Obama as close political allies aren’t supported by the facts of their relationship, former top Obama aides said Tuesday.

“That is not how I remember it,” former senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer said on MSNBC. “I do remember that 2012 endorsement that came five days before the election and to say it was damning with faint praise would be generous…. I think these ads tell a story that is belied by the reality of that relationship, [which] I think is somewhat complicated.” read more

China Coronavirus Deaths Soar Past 2,000 As Hubei Reports Jump In Daily Casualties

China Coronavirus Deaths Soar Past 2,000 As Hubei Reports Jump In Daily Casualties


Death toll passes 2,000 as Hubei reports 132 deaths for Tuesday

Florida health officials mysteriously refuse to share virus info with reporters

Russia bars all Chinese from entering

NYT notes signs of impending economic distress

South Korea announces “emergency steps” to prepare for outbreak.

* * *

Update (1720ET): Health officials in Hubei reported a big jump in deaths on Tuesday, shattering the state’s narrative that the virus is being beaten because the number of confirmed cases and deaths were falling. read more