U.S. Boots Cuban Diplomats for Running Spy Ops on American Soil

The United Nations headquarters in New York

The Trump administration on Thursday booted from the United States two Cuban diplomats who were found to be running spy operations on American soil, according to the State Department.

“The Department of State today notified the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the United States requires the imminent departure of two members of Cuba’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations for abusing their privileges of residence,” State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus announced. “This is due to their attempts to conduct influence operations against the United States.” read more

Ernst Pushes Bill to Prevent Fed Splurge on Lobsters, Candies, Video Games

Sen. Joni Ernst (R., Iowa) wants to ban federal agencies from frivolous end-of-year spending that costs taxpayers an estimated $100 billion each year.

“It just seems common sense to me to look at some of those issues,” Ernst said at a closed-door meeting with reporters. “A lot of those agencies and departments are asking for Congress to do something about it, but we aren’t acting.”

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The senator’s legislative push comes on the heels of a March report from the transparency advocacy group Open the Books, which found that federal agencies often spent millions on luxury items like lobsters and video games. read more

NBC News Exclusive: AG Bill Barr Blurbed a Book One Time

NBC News reported that, two years before he became attorney general, William Barr positively reviewed a book supporting due process protections for college students accused of sexual misconduct, a view he also espoused publicly during his confirmation hearing.

“Before being nominated by President Donald Trump to be attorney general, William Barr strongly endorsed a 2017 book accusing colleges and universities of unfairly punishing male students accused of rape,” NBC reported on Thursday. read more

U.S. Building Coalition After Saudi Oil Attack, Iran Warns Against War

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.S. special representative on Iran Brian Hook arrive at al-Bateen Air Base in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

By Tuqa Khalid and Aziz El Yaakoubi

DUBAI (Reuters) – The United States said on Thursday it was building a coalition to deter Iranian threats following a weekend attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities.

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Iran has warned U.S. President Donald Trump against being dragged into a war in the Middle East and said it would meet any offensive action with a crushing response.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Trump, who has ordered more sanctions on Iran, wants a peaceful solution to the crisis. read more

Intel: Iran Sought Nuclear Weapons Tech as Recently as 2018

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani

Iran sought to obtain illicit nuclear weapons technology as recently as 2018, according to new disclosures by German intelligence that reveal how Tehran tapped black weapons markets without the knowledge of international nuclear inspectors tasked with performing oversight on the Islamic Republic’s weapons sites as part of the landmark nuclear agreement.

The disclosures come against the backdrop of Iran’s weekend attack on Saudi Arabian oil sites, which sparked international backlash and prompted Tehran to warn the United States of “all-out war” if it engages in retaliatory strikes on the Islamic Republic. read more

Rep. Hill: States Must Protect Unborn Babies, God-Given Rights


VIDEO – In this exclusive interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman, prominent Florida Representative Mike Hill (R-Pensacola) explained that state governments must interpose to protect the God-given rights of constituents. That means Florida and all other states have a duty to protect the right to life of unborn children, he said. Rep. Hill also blasted the ongoing assault on the right to keep and bear arms and discussed legislation he is working on to restore gun rights in Florida. read more

Conservative DC Think Tank Invites Taylor Swift For Policy Discussion After She Claimed She’s ‘Obsessed With’ Politics

In a Rolling Stone interview, Taylor Swift said she has a newfound obsession with politics, but ‘politics’ to Swift means only liberal ideas.

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Author: Chrissy Clark

Politico Claims Trump is Waging War on California

The media has criticized President Donald Trump for his alleged war-mongering word choice and combative political strategy when handling certain left-leaning states and their policies.

Politico is the latest critic in an article headlined, “Trump’s war with California moves to new level.”

It is a blunt headline and yet it demonstrates the hypocrisy of the media when it comes to the president. The headline uses the same rhetoric which the media has blasted Trump for using: war-like wording and phrases in addition to the divisive nature of those words and phrases. read more